Nakaya DB240 Ryoba Style Japanese Saw

SKU Nakaya DB240

Ryoba saws have teeth on opposite cutting edges. Traditionally, one side is for ripping, the other for crosscutting. The Suizan Ryoba features super-fine crosscut and rip teeth for extremely accurate cuts. It is exceptionally well-suited for cabinetry, furniture making, and other fine woodworking projects in medium to hardwood. It also makes smooth, flush cuts.

Nakaya RYOBA-type saw with 240mm blade for rip-cut and cross-cut.

  • Taper-ground impulse-hardened blades allow fluid, tear-free straight cuts.
  • To reduce sticking and tarnishing, the blades are hard chrome-plated and mirror-polished. 
  • Amazingly thin kerf of 0.5 mm with little, if any, binding or wandering off the layout line.
  • Rattan wrapped handle and replaceable blade
  • Made in Japan.