Oneway 2170 Chuck

by Oneway

ONEWAY chucks have been designed by a machinist with engineering input from material, heat treating, and plating specialists in order to satisfy the woodturner's every need. Chucks were designed to meet most turning needs. Less time spent getting ready to turn and more time spent turning means better quality, and more finished projects. Large projects can be turned more safely, and turning can be done at the ends of long stock. There are four lever holes in the body, and three holes in the scroll. This design creates a constant differential which allows one-handed tightening. Levers are made from high strength steel and will not deform or bend in use. This prevents damage to holes in the chuck.

Different jaw sets are available for the chuck, which allows you to fit the chuck to suit your specific needs. If your needs change or grow, these chucks can be adapted to change and grow as you do.

  • The chuck weighs approximately 4.5 lbs.
  • Standard #2 Jaws are included - Capacities are: External 1-5/8" Min, 3" Max Internal 2" Min, 3-5/8" Max

NOTE - Taper Lock Adapters are sold separately. Be sure to order the correct adapter needed for your lathe when buying a chuck.

NOTE - For lathes with a 16" swing or greater ONEWAY recommends using the Stronghold Chuck

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