Robert Larson 615-1220 Beech Carpenter's Mallet - Large

SKU Robert Larson 615-1220

A high quality English-made Beechwood mallet, this mallet is very sturdy, durable, & has a well-balanced feel in the hand.

The wooden mallet has slightly curved faces which helps the striking surface while reducing fatigue. It is a great versatile mallet that can be used in numerous applications including woodworking & chisel work, cabinet making, boat building, furniture, & many other uses! 

  • Traditional style Beachwood Mallet
  • Use with bench chisels, joint assembling, and tapping a plane blade into place
  • Mortised heads and tapered handles, of non-twist grip design, are securely fitted
  • 2-by-2-by-4-1/2-inches
  • 16oz
  • Made in England

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