SawStop BTS-P-80HATB 10" Titanium Series Saw Blade - 80T


The SawStop Titanium-Series 80-Tooth Blade lets you make cuts easily and with professional results. It's designed for MDF, melamine, plywood and other materials. This plywood cutting blade has 80 teeth, which cut at a slower speed than coarser blades, but gives you incredible precision and reduces splintering, which saves time in the long run. Its 5/8-inch arbor makes it compatible with many different circular saws for outstanding versatility. The woodworking blade's 10-inch size makes it large enough to cut through deep pieces in one pass for added convenience. This blade has a titanium coating to extend its service life for added value.

  • SawStop Titanium-Series 80-tooth blade is ideal for both professionals and DIY craftsmen
  • Cuts MDF, plywood, melamine and more materials
  • 80-tooth SawStop blade cuts finely and with few splinters for more attractive results
  • 5/8-inch arbor works with most saws
  • 10-inch blade cuts larger pieces without having to turn them over
  • Titanium coating resists rust and extends the life of the blade
  • Blade is safe at up to 5,000 RPM for fast cuts
  • Limited manufacturer warranty