SawStop BTS-R-40ATB 10" Titanium Series Saw Blade - 40T

by SawStop

The Titanium Series 40-Tooth Combination Blade from SawStop cuts through hardwoods and softwoods easily using its 40 tungsten carbide-tipped teeth that are resistant to dulling. This combination saw blade is designed for all saw types and capable of crosscuts and rips. It features a titanium coating, which ensures a longer lifespan and more accurate cuts.

To reduce the noise level it produces and prevent overheating, it boasts laser-cut expansion slots. The 10-inch saw blade also features an 1/8-inch saw cut capable of producing the right feed rate, even when being used with low-power saws, and a 15-degree rake angle that ensures safety while cutting. It uses an Alternate Top Bevel grind type for smoother crosscuts. The ripping blade is also fully tensioned to reduce deflection and make cuts straighter.

  • SawStop 10-inch titanium series 40-tooth blade cuts through hardwoods and softwoods
  • 40 tungsten carbide teeth resistant to dulling
  • Capable of crosscuts and rips
  • Titanium coating for accurate cuts and longer lifespan
  • Expansion slots are laser-cut for quieter cutting experience and to prevent overheating
  • 1/8-inch saw cut ensures appropriate feed rate even with low power saws
  • 15-degree rake angle improves safety while cutting
  • Alternate Top Bevel grind type ensures smoother crosscuts
  • 10-inch saw blade fully tensioned to prevent deflection and ensure straighter cuts
  • ATB, 5/8” arbor, 1/8” kerf, Rake angle 15°, Top angle 10°, Plate thickness 0.087”, Tooth thickness 0.106”

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