Senco TN21L1 Pin Nailer - 21G

by Senco
SKU Senco TN21L1
  • Neverlube® oil-free design
  • Magazine automatically adjusts for fastener length
  • Ergonomic angled “pistol-grip” handle
  • Ultra-narrow nosepiece
  • Reversible belt hook

Featuring SENCO’s NeverLube® oil-free design, the tool never needs to be lubricated, eliminating stains to the work surface. SENCO’s 2” 21-gauge pinner is capable of shooting 5/8” to 2” slight head pins. The 21-gauge offers more holding power than a 23-gauge tool and leaves a smaller hole than an 18-gauge brad nailer, creating the perfect middle ground between the two.

    Type: 21 Ga. Straight Strip Medium Head Pins
    Gauge: 21
    Range: 5/8" – 2"
    Collation: Straight Strip

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