Stratus AS300S Pro Air Cleaner - Stainless Steel

by Stratus
SKU Stratus AS300S

Instead of drawing air upward toward your face like a traditional ceiling-mounted air filtration system, the Stratus™ Pro Air Cleaner draws dust down and away from your nose and mouth. It then filters it and propels clean air upward for you to breathe. Completely portable, the Stratus is easily moved to the source of the dust, eliminating the need for whole shop filtration. Unlike ceiling-mounted air purifiers, the filters are easy to change—no ladders needed—and no remote is necessary to turn the cleaner on and off. Best of all, the performance is extraordinary, thanks to nearly 9,000 square inches of surface area on the pleated cylindrical filter.


  • A robust air filtration system that's both elegant and effective—the perfect solution to ambient airborne dust
  • Features a premium stainless steel housing
  • Draws air downward and filters it before you breathe it, not after
  • Nearly 15X more filter media than a ceiling-mounted unit
  • 360° filtration draws in dust from all directions
  • High-capacity pleated canister filter with washable pre-filter to capture ambient dust
  • Easy access to the filters for cleaning or replacement—just twist and lift; no ladders required
  • Powerful fan with unique turbine-style blower assembly offers high CFM with exceptional static pressure
  • Three speeds for varying dust levels—simply touch the power switch to adjust blower speed
  • Always by your side, where it counts—grab the handle and move it where you need it
  • Triple filter performance: washable pre-filter catches the big stuff, 1-micron pleated canister filter grabs the small stuff
  • Optional active charcoal filter for smoke, fumes and odors created by laser engraving, 3D printing, etc..


(1) Stratus Pro Air Cleaner with stainless steel body
(1) Pleated canister filter (pre-installed)
(1) Washable pre-filter (pre-installed)

  • Motor: 115V, 5.5A, 60 Hz
  • Speed: 1,700/2,000/2,500 RPM
  • Air Volume: 940/1,140/1,440 m3/h
  • Static Pressure: 62/68/75 mm H2O
  • Sound Level (@10'): 65/69/76 dB
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel
  • Pre-Filter: Non-woven, washable
  • Canister Filter: 1 micron @98%
  • Net Weight: 66 lbs. (30 kg)
  • Gross Weight: 81.6 lbs. (37 kg)
  • Machine Dimensions: 16'' x 16'' x 39''

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