Woodpeckers DP-PRO TCS Drill Press Table

SKU Woodpeckers DPPRO-T

Woodpeckers new DP-PRO TCS Drill Press Table starts with the best features of our DP-PRO Drill Press Tables but uses track clamp slots to mount the fence instead of an embedded aluminum track. Then we added a few more track clamp slots to make holding work to the table as simple as…using a track clamp. We designed it as a modular system…you can add extension wings and a drawer base if you want, but if the basic table is all you need, that works, too. We paired the TCS Table with the 36" DP-PRO Fence and a pair of Micro-Adjustable Flip Stops, giving you dust collection and precise material positioning.

Any clamp designed to work with Festool, Makita or Triton track saw rails will work with the DP-PRO TCS, from the simple F-style screw clamps to the ratcheting quick-clamps. Just slide the clamp into the track and up to the work, then clamp it down. With 6 track slots milled into the table, you'll have ideal support for any size project you tackle.

Most customers' favorite feature of the DP-PRO system is the vacuum fence. Just connect a shop vacuum or dust collector to the fence and the vast majority of the chips and dust are whisked away instantly. The dust port attaches to either end of the fence, whichever is more convenient for you. The fence also features a pair of micro-adjustable flip stops, greatly simplifying repetitive tasks. The fence is engraved with both inch and metric scales, reading away from the center of the fence.

We make the DP-PRO TCS table from 1" thick Baltic Birch plywood with Formica brand micro-dot laminate on both the top and bottom. The micro-dot surface reduces friction and holds up better to abrasion than smooth laminates. We mill the track slots with a slight chamfer on the top surface to eliminate sharp edges and prevent chipping the laminate. The mounting holes for the drawer base and extension wings are milled at the same time, with CNC accuracy. Even if you decide years from now to add the base and wings, they'll fit perfectly.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the DP-PRO TCS Drill Press Table is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility just south of Cleveland.