Woodpeckers SPT2 Shelf Pin & Drawer Slide Template


Adjustable shelf pins have become a standard in cabinet design.  Adding them to your existing cabinets makes them more versatile while avoiding the expense, time, and mess of a complete renovation.  Woodpeckers new Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template lets you drill shelf pin holes in installed cabinets just as easily as you can drill them in cabinet components before assembly.  Whether working on existing cabinets or new ones, 32mm Euro-style or traditional face frame style, Woodpeckers new template aligns easily and delivers perfect spacing.  You can choose between two different drilling methods:  self-centering drill bits or router with 3/8" guide bushing.   

This template can also be used to drill holes for ball bearing extension slides used in frameless cabinets or drawer slides that mount to the face frame.

This template is machined from solid phenolic and is clearly marked so you can stay on track each and every time! Overall dimensions are 23" x 5" x 3/8"

Includes Phenolic Template, Inside Offset Spacers (2), Outside Offset Spacers (2), Frameless Spacers (2), Nylon Spacer Locking Screws (2), 1/4" Indexing Pins (3), 5mm Indexing Pins (3), 7/64" Drill Guide Bushing


Made in U.S.A.