Woodpecker's SSCMS-DLX SteathStop Miter Sled w/ Drop Zone

SKU Woodpeckers SSCMS-DLX

Woodpecker's SteathStop Miter Sled delivers an accurate, versatile, easily-adjusted cross cut sled at a very attractive price. 

Shop-built sleds seem like such a good idea until you try to make a miter bar the both fits, and lasts.  Then, there is the whole issue of trying to get the back fence perfectly square.  And, if you want to add angles, everything gets even more complicated.  For only a fraction more than you would pay to buy the materials to build a miter sled, the StealthStop Miter Sled includes a miter bar that compensates for sloppy or worn miter slots, easily adjusts to the saw blade from the top, has extremely accurate stops for common miter angles and features the proven micro-adjustable StealthStops we've been making for miter saws and miter gauges for years.

  • Sled attaches to miter bar with (3) cap screws riding in milled slots
  • Milled slots give the sled range to fit almost any saw
  • Sled machined from 1/2" Baltic birch and black, micro-dot laminate
  • Will fit both normal, and t-slots
  • Sled measures 15" x 15" + Drop Zone 8" x 15"
  • Made in USA