Festool 575390 Imperial TS 75 EQ Track Saw + 75" Guide Rail

by Festool
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Festool 575390 TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw w/ 75" Guide Rail

The Festool TS 75 is not your standard circular saw. The saw rides on a guide rail, or track, providing accuracy and versatility allowing it to replace the world's most advanced cabinet saws, miter saws and panel saws. The TS 75 track saw delivers precise, splinter free, glue-ready cuts and only takes seconds to setup. Breaking down sheet goods? Cuts at an obscure angle? No longer is there a need to design a complex jig or move heavy material to your large shop equipment.

The TS 75 track saw works seamlessly with its integrated rail, available in various sizes. Utilize the rail and saw with or without a table or work surface. The track saws flat housing allows for flush cutting.

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Festool TS saws deliver radial arm saw, miter saw, and table saw performance, with panel saw-precision in a versatile, portable design. Why struggle with cutting large pieces like plywood with traditional stationary equipment? Take the tool to the work with the TS saw and guide rail system. TS saws allow you to make rip cuts and cross-cuts in sheet goods quickly and easily without having to maneuver material through a stationary machine. Make angled, beveled, and compound cuts at virtually any angle with the highest level of precision while providing a perfect edge. The TS 75 is suitable for cutting solid doors, truing rough lumber, cutting out window frames, and a host of other applications. Save time and create matched panels by cutting stacked sheet goods with one cut. Try the TS 75 once, and you will never look back. Made in Germany

  • (1) Universal saw blade (493198, 36 teeth)
  • (1) 75" Guide Rail
  • (1) Limit stop FS/2 (491582)
  • (1) Plastic splinterguard (pack of 5 available as 491473)
  • In Systainer T-Loc
  • Power Rating: 13.0 Amps, 120V
  • Saw Blade Speed: 1350 to 3550 RPM
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 8-1/4"
  • Bevel Cuts: 0 to 45 Degrees
  • Cutting Depth Capacities... Straight Down: 2-3/4" At 45 Degrees: 2-1/8"
  • Cutting Depth Without Guide Rail: 2-15/16"
  • Dust Extractor Connection: 1" & 1-7/16"
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs

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