SuperMax Flatter Head Strips for 19-38 Combo Sander - SELECT-A-GRIT


Supermax offers a wide selection of abrasive strips to fit the flatter head on your SuperMax 19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander. If you're looking for direct replacements for the strips that came pre-installed on your Combo Sander, choose the 180-grit set. A full range of other grits is also available for everything from coarse sanding to fine finishing. Each set includes twelve abrasive units that slide into the flatter head. Each unit contains a flexible brush with a row of abrasive strips on one side of the brush. In use, the flatter strips emulate a hand sanded finish on profiled workpieces like crown moldings and raised panel doors. They are also used on veneered panels to reduce the risk of sand-through.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery

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