Easy Wood Tools 2700 3/8" Bar Lexan Chip Deflector


Attaches to Easy Wood Turning Tools with a 3/8" tool bar to help deflect wood shavings away from you.

When you're removing lots of material, the chips and shavings tend to wind up all over your clothes, in your shoes, in your pockets and even down your shirt collar. This Chip Deflector helps to reduce that tendency by bouncing debris away from you and onto the floor or toward a dust chute. It is made from Lexan for durability and a clear view. The Deflector fits Easy Roughers, Easy Finishers, Easy Detailers and Easy Parting Tools with a 3/8"tool bar (Easy Start, Mini and Mid-Size). It also fits the Easy Hollower #1, but does NOT fit Easy Hollowers #2 and #3.

There is no substitution for proper eye protection; however,a Lexan Chip Deflector attaches to the shaft of the tool and helps deflect the massive amounts of material these tools remove.

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