Easy Wood Tools 9620 Easy Start Finisher


Proudly crafted in the USA, this Finisher is part of the latest addition to the Easy Wood Tools line - Easy Start Tools, which allow woodturners of any skill level to begin using quality carbide tools at a low start-up cost. The tips are durable carbide for excellent edge retention; when they eventually show signs of wear, simply loosen the screw mount and rotate the tip to expose a fresh edge.

Easy to master, these turning tools are scaled for smaller work, yielding remarkably smooth forms that require minimal sanding. Measuring 12-1/2" overall, each tool has a solid maple handle, black-oxide steel shaft and nickel-plated steel ferrule.

The finisher has a 7/16" diameter round tip for shaping and smoothing inside vessels or cutting coves on spindles.

The Easy Start Finisher features a 3/8" x 3-1/2" long square steel tool bar with a protective black oxide finish, a 9" maple handle with a traditional style grip, and best of all it utilizes genuine EWT replacement cutters - the same cutters that are used on the premium EWT mini tools. The cutters are designed so that you do not have to find the bevel when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the workpiece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left. You will find this tool invaluable for those smaller more intricate turnings, such as pens, ornaments and smaller bowls, as well as for roughing, finishing and detail work.