Easy Wood Tools Negative Rake Beading Replacement Cutters

SKU Easy Wood 2800NR

Quickly, easily, and economically, turn an Easy Rougher™ into a Beading Tool by adding our supplemental replaceable Negative Rake Carbide Beading Cutters. These beading cutters are designed to fit on an Easy Rougher that is engraved with, or accepts, our Ci2 carbide cutters:

  • Easy Start Easy Rougher™, Mini Easy Rougher™, Mid-Size Easy Rougher™

No need to invest in one-purpose beading tools when you can add these cutters to create a multi-use tool! 

Easy to use for all turning skill levels. Available in four (4) Beading Diameter Sizes:

  • 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"

 The cutting edge on these Beading Cutters is our patented Negative Rake design so they will create easy to turn smooth beads, with less aggressive catch-free cuts, therefore safer, and work on both woods and resins. As with all of our Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters, these are specifically designed for turning and manufactured in-house by us with our proprietary process.

  • Optimum grade of carbide for the longest lasting sharp cutting edge.

  • Proprietary grinding process that results in the sharpest edge possible.

  • Precision ground finish. We don't polish our carbide cutters as the polishing process is prone to chipping the cutting edge. 

Turn an Easy Rougher into a 7-way multi-use tool with the addition of all four (4) Beading Cutters, the Ci2-SQ Standard (comes with Ci2 Easy Rougher), the Ci2-R2 Radius and the Ci2-R2-NR Negative Rake Cutters.