Easy Wood Tools C1000 Easy Chuck with 1" - 8 TPI

SKU Easy Wood Tools C1000
Quality Chucks from Easy Wood Tools provide you with a 100% American Made product and features like no other chuck available in today's market. With a standard 1" - 8 TPI that fits most lathes, this chuck has a Patent Zoom Ring for quick and easy opening and closing of the jaws. Use your fingertips, tighten just enough to bring the jaws into position to lightly grip your project, then use the included chuck key for final tightening.
The Easy Jaw System allows for jaw changes in about 30 seconds with the patent pending Snap-Lock technology. No jaw screws or wrenches is needed to change out the jaws, simply by using the supplied Jaw Key, depress a keeper latch in the jaw and slide each jaw out of the chuck.

  • 1-3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws
  • Easy Chucking Screw
  • Chuck Key - 5/16" Hex T-Handle
  • Jaw Key - 1/8" Hex Ball Driver
  • Spindle Washer
  • Spare Hub Set Screws
  • Spare Master Jaw Spring
  • Storage Box
  • Owners Manual

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