Grex MS1250 Hardwood Floor Stapler

by Grex

For flooring needs, GREX has you covered. A pneumatic high-speed mallet-actuated flooring stapler, the GREX MS1250 adjusts from 1/2" to 1" thick hardwood flooring. Easily align and drive staples at a 45 deg angle to quickly and accurately fasten flooring. What's more, for convenience, the GREX MS1250 drives common readily available 1" to 2" length, 1/2" crown, 15-15.5 gauge staples.

Inside the handy carrying case, the MS1250 comes complete with no-mar adjusting plates and a rubber actuation mallet. The MS1250 also features a long reach handle for improved handling, comfort and convenience.

- Fastens 1/2" to 1" thick hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring

- Drives 1 - 2" staple lengths

- Uses 15-15.5 gauge 1/2" crown staples

- 45 deg angle fastener placement

- Pneumatic high-speed mallet actuated

- Powerful motor penetrates hardwood floorboards

- Lightweight aluminum body designed for mobility and all day continuous use

- Precision machined aluminum piston, cylinder and firing valve

- Long handle improves handling, comfort and convenience

- Rubber mallet and extra no-mar adjusting plates included

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