JessEm 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides


JessEm 04215 Clear Cut Stock Guides

The clear-cut stock guide is a revolutionary and innovative gadget that replaces a simple featherboard but with more benefits. The unique guide rollers on the stock guides are mounted on a 5 degree angle effectively steering your stock toward the fence. Your stock is pulled tightly to the fence and the grip force of the urethane rollers holds it securely in position.

  • Clear-CutTM Stock Guides come with (1) infeed stock guide and (1) outfeed stock guide.
  • Additional sets can be purchased to have more than one set on your fence.
  • Accessory mounting kit 04215-A is required to mount your stock guides to most shop made router table fences.

    This guide operates on the same principle as a stock feeder in that the stock is guided at a slight angle as it fed foward. With the stock being guided at a slight angle toward the fence, it is critical they not rotate in the outfeed direction, especially if you are cutting a dado or other machining with the board. This would feed the stock unwanted in the cutter. To prevent this and any kickback, each roller is fitter with a one way needle roller bearing. This ensure each roller spins in the direction of the feed. With Jessem Clear-Cut Stock Guides, setup is fast and easy. They are locked in their position along the fence with a single twist of the pivot knob and the height setting is controlled with the tightening of the clamping knob.