Laguna MJOIN6100 6" Jointer w/ SHEARTEC II Cutterhead

by Laguna

The Laguna MJOIN6100 6" Jointer with the ShearTecII helical cutterhead is a premium jointer giving you more of everything. The enclosed stand makes a stronger base, a 1.5 HP gives you more power, longer beds (56") allows for bigger jobs and last but not least, a 6 row ShearTecII cutterhead with a total of 42 four-sided carbide inserts gives you the smoothest cut & longest life.

The Laguna ShearTecII is at the cutting edge of spiral
cutterhead technology. Deep gullets allows chips to exit fast & keep the
cutterhead clean. The inserts are made from thicker, solid German carbide &
are set into the head on a FLAT surface rather than a cone design. This allows
more torque to be used when setting the inserts. All of the inserts are
slightly angled to give a SHEAR type cut with low impact & less kick-back.
The leading edge is crowned to minimize lines.

All Laguna ShearTecII cutterheads have 6 rows of knives
(while most competitors offer only 3 or 4 rows).

Longer life, low noise, less kick-back & smoother
finish. What more can you ask for?

German Carbide Inserts
Number of Knives: 42
Cutterhead RPM: 5500
Fence Dimension: 29" X 4"
Fence Tilt: + - 45 degrees
Built-in Casters
Motor: 1.5 HP 110 volts

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